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BC Housing Single Room Occupancy Renewal Initiative of 13 Buildings @ 166 east hastings

As the single largest Public Private Partnership (P3) social housing project in North America, the Single Room Occupancy Renewal Initiative project by BC Housing involves the rehabilitation of 13 buildings in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Completed February 2017, the project’s primary goal was to provide safe, functional, habitable accommodations to residents of the Downtown Eastside community by renovating and improving all major building systems. All 13 buildings date back to the early 1900’s, and are listed under the City of Vancouver’s Heritage Register. Throughout the years, the building condition significantly deteriorated due to a lack of ongoing maintenance, renewal of building systems, upkeep and facility repairs. They are now operational and have been renewed both in the interior and exterior. The work included significant heritage renewal and preservation, interior renovations, layout reconfiguration, exterior rehabilitation, hazardous materials remediation, structural, seismic, and major building systems upgrades.

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