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The Jack Chow Building @ 8 W. Pender St., Vancouver, BC

The fully restored, re-imagined and revitalized Guinness & Ripley’s recognized Thinnest Building in the World, The Jack Chow Building, is an architectural marvel which was originally built on a bet. To celebrate its Centennial, under the guidance and blessing of City Heritage Planners, this timeless Class “A” heritage landmark, at the entrance to Vancouver Chinatown, was meticulously rehabilitated. This from its distinctive gold embellished central columns, to the prominent 1913 on its curved parapet, along its continuous skylight bay-windows, to its stretch-your-arms-across skinny end walls with original arched window openings, and spanning its block-long illuminated glass sidewalk, all in accordance with a certified Heritage Conservation Plan. The restored iconic twinkling neon sign, and how the building now dynamically animates in a multi-dimensional international award-winning sophisticated showcase presentation of synchronized street-side symphonic light shows, brings back feelings of the heydays of neon in Chinatown, for the public and all to enjoy.

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