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Mah Society of Canada @ 137 East Pender Street

The Mah Society of Canada building was constructed in 1913. During this past year, the Society undertook major renovation to stabilize it with exterior and structural repairs and vital system upgrades. The renovation is significant in several respects: 1. Cultural: Mah Society is one of the Chinese Societies which have offered social programs for over a century and are critical to the cultural legacy of Chinatown. 2. Housing: The renovation improves the condition of 36 SRO rooms, providing affordable housing for low-income residents. 3. Architectural The building demonstrates a distinct hybrid Chinese-Western building practices. Its retention is important for the neighbourhood’s urban fabric and the study of North American Chinatown architecture. 4. Leadership The Mah Society building is the first of twelve society-owned heritage buildings to undertake rehabilitation. Its board members are lending assistance to other societies wanting to undertake renovation and actively advocate for the revitalization of Chinatown.

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